Sunday, May 8, 2011


DON TATE is an award-winning illustrator/author of more than 25 trade and educational books for children. With a bold, dynamic style, Don's oil and acrylic paintings bring to life the pages of the children's books he illustrates. This self-trained painter and digital illustrator has demonstrated extraordinary range in style and medium — each book possessing a distinctive style of it's own. His background includes illustration as well as graphic design
in the areas of advertising, educational publishing, and visual journalism. Don is the featured cover artist for the Kid Caramel Series created by Dwayne J. Ferguson

Kid Caramel:
Case of the Missing Ankh

Kid Caramel:
The Werewolf of PS-40

Kid Caramel:
Mess at Loch Ness

Kid Caramel:
The Legend of Mad Jake

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