Friday, May 6, 2011

AUTHOR Margo Sorenson

Born in Washington, DC, MARGO SORENSON spent the first seven years of her life in Spain and Italy, where books became her earliest friends. She finished school in California, graduating from UCLA. After teaching high school and middle school, Margo began work as a full-time writer and has since published 25 books, including Danger Marches to the Palace; Queen Luili’uokalani and Secret Heroes. Margo says she loves writing for young readers because they really enjoy “living” the lives of the characters in books. When she isn’t writing, she loves visiting her grandchildren, playing golf, reading, watching sports, traveling, and hearing from her readers. After living in Hawaii and Minnesota, Margo and her husband now live in California. Margo’s Hawaiian name, Leipua’ala, given to her by a Hawaiian family friend, means “lasting gifts for children.”
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