Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the Million Man March

On October 16, 1996, Kelly Starling Lyons attended the Million Man March and was transformed by what she saw. She shares how that historic movement inspired her first picture book story. Read more 

Five Books to Keep Students Excited About School

It’s back to school season and whether your young scholars are excited, anxious, or wishing they had a few more weeks of summer break - there are lots of fellow students and exciting stories - to which they’ll relate.
Our top five back to school kidlit picks: Read more

August 28th—Remembering the March on Washington

54 years ago today - They came from all corners of the United States: from big cities, and small towns, from the rural South, and the urban North. Holding signs that read "We Demand Voting Rights Now!" and "No U.S. Dough To Help Jim Crow," more than 250,000 people of all ages, races and religions joined together in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963 for what would become one of the most historic civil rights events in U.S. history: the March on Washington. Learn more in The March on Washington by James Haskins available here