Friday, May 6, 2011


ROSA GUY is the author of two fiction titles under the SANKOFA BOOKS imprint, Ruby and New Guys Around the Block. Both titles are works of fiction for young adults. Guy was born in Trinidad and immigrated with her family to Harlem at the age of seven. Orphaned as a teen, Rosa and her sister lived in many different foster homes, and Rosa quit school for the world of work when she was 14. But she always loved to read and write, and soon joined the American Negro Theatre and attended New York University where she studied theater and writing. She later co-founded the Harlem Writers Guild, a writing workshop for aspiring Black writers. Rosa's own literary debut, Bird at My Window, was published in 1966. She has since written more than a dozen other published works, many of which are rooted in experiences from her own childhood. Much of her writing for young adults also deals with family and family members' responsibility to care and love one another.

In July 2005, Rosa was honored for her great body of literary work with the Phyllis Wheatley Award, given by the Harlem Book Fair. She lives in New York.
Rosie Guy Series

Rosie Guy Series
New Guys Around the Block

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