Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Just Us Books Founders Share "How they Book"

How Do You Book? That’s the theme for Children’s Book Week, which celebrates kidlit and a love for reading. This theme asks us to think about:

- What we read
- Where we read
- How we read
To celebrate, we asked authors and Just Us Books founders Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson, to answer these questions. You also get a peak at what's on their reading list right now.

How Do You Book, Wade Hudson?
📚 What I Read I have an eclectic taste. As a children's and young adult author and publisher I read as many books for young readers as possible. I am also concerned about political issues and read books that cover them as well. I also read books that focus on history, particularly, Black history as well as good novels. 📚 Where I Read I usually read at home, mostly in the evening, unless I am doing research for a manuscript I am writing. That reading becomes a priority and I usually schedule it just as I schedule my writing. 📚 How I Read When reading for enjoyment and engagement, I prefer a relaxed environment with coffee and drinks and snacks readily available.

How Do You Book, Cheryl Willis Hudson?
📚 What I Read
I read lots of children's books. Picture books are my favorites, but I enjoy nonfiction, biographies, and fiction by adult writers as well. I enjoy graphic novels, too.
📚 Where I Read
I read at any time of the day, but mostly in the afternoon. Since I spend a large part of my day working at my computer and reading articles on my phone, I've recently started to listen to audio books in the evenings and before I go to bed. Audio books bring more variety and entertainment value and the voices add dramatic effects to the process of reading.
📚 How I Read
I read for information, research purposes and for pleasure. Most of the time there is music playing in the background. When I was much younger, I needed to read in a very quiet place without distractions like the radio or TV, and I could never read in a moving car or train or plane. Now I can and do enjoy reading almost anywhere!

❓ Tell us - How do YOU book?