Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Celebrating Our Scholars this Back to School Season

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL season! And though school may look different right now, it’s still important to celebrate our young scholars and the importance of learning. Here are a few titles from the Just Us Books list that do just that:

Meet Jamal – an energetic boy who shows how demanding and eventful his day is as a student.  Read more

Eight-year-old Carol Ann finds out how much ‘aloha’ means as she makes a place for herself at her new school.  Read more

The AFRO-BETS Kids have an exciting school project: to present what they want to be when they grow up! And they have a lot of Black leaders and achievers as examples .Read more

Being a teenager is tough enough. But imagine starting freshman year at a new high school that's not just in a new city, but a new country? That's life for 14-year-old Thandie, who just moved from Capetown, South Africa to Buena Vista, California. Read more