Monday, September 26, 2011

GET BOYS READING: A Recommended Reading List #1


October, 2011

Ages 4-8

Barnes, Derrick and Boyd, Aaron, Low-down Bad-day Blues, NY, Scholastic, 2004

Daly, Nikki, The Boy on the Beach, NY, Bloomsbury, 2004

Ford, Bernette and Kindert, Jennifer, Hurry Up!, NY Scholastic, 2004

Grimes, Nikki and Lagarrigue, Jerome, My Man Blue, NY, Dial, 1999

Holman, Sandy and Kometiani, Lela, Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?, CA, Culture Co-op, 1998

Holt, Lenny and Ransome, James. How Many Stars in the Sky?, NY, Tambourine, 1991

Johnson, Angela and Mitchell, Rhonda, Daddy Calls Me Man, NY, Orchard, 1997

Smalls, Irene and Hays, Michael, Kevin and His Dad, NY, Little Brown, 1999

Strickland, Michael and Holliday, Keaf, Haircuts at Sleepy Sam’s, PA, Boyds Mill, 1998

Williams, Karen and Cooper, Floyd, A Beach Tail, PA, Boyds Mill, 2010

Ages 9-12

Barnes, Derrick, We Could Be Brothers, NY, Scholastic Press, 2010

Boyd, Candy D., Chevrolet Saturdays, NY, Simon & Schuster, 1993

Draper, Sharon, Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs: The Buried Bones Mystery, NY Simon & Schuster, 2006

Grimes, Nikki, Dark Sons, NY Jump At The Sun, 2005

Hansen, Joyce, The Captive, NY, Scholstic, 1994

Lyons, Kelly Starling, NEATE Book 4: Eddie’s Ordeal, NJ, Just Us Books, 2004

Mead, Alice, Junebug, NY, Yearling, 1995

Myers, Walter, D and J. A. Sims, Sniffy Blue, Ace Detective: the Case of the Missing Ruby and Other Stories, NY, Little Apple, 1999

Patrick, Denise, The Longest Ride, NY, Henry Holt, 1999

Weatherford, Carole B., Obama: Only in America, NY, Marshall Cavendish, 2010


Berry, Rachel, A Slip in the Right Direction, WA, Kimathi Enterprises & Publishing, 2010

Draper, Sharon, We Beat the Street, NY, Puffin, 2005

Garcia, Rita Williams, Fast Talk on a Slow Track, NY, Bantam, Doubleday Dell, 1991

Harper, Hill, Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny, NY, Gotham, 2007

Hansen, Joyce, Which Way Freedom, NY, Avon, 1986

Hunter, Travis, Two the Hard Way, NY, Dafina Books, 2010

Madison, Book T., Unsigned Hype, MI, Revell, 2009

Mowry, Jess, Babylon Boyz, NY, Aladdin, 1997

Myers, Walter, D., Harlem Summer, NY, Scholastic, 2007

Wright, Simeon and Boyd, Herb, Simeon’s Story: An Eyewitness Account of the Kidnapping of Emmett Till, IL, Lawrence Hill Books, 2010

September, 2011

Ages 4-8
Collier, Bryan, Uptown, NY, Henry Holt, 2004

Curtis, Gavin and Lewis, E.B., The Bat Boy and His Violin, NY,
Aladdin, 2001

Evans, Shane W., Olu’s Dream, Katherin Tegen Books,
an Imprint of Harper Collins, 2009

Hudson, Wade and Ford, George, Jamal’s Busy Day, NJ, Just Us
Books, 1991

Nelson, Kadir, He’s Got the Whole World in His
, NY, Puffin, 2005

Pinkney, Brian, Max Found Two Sticks, NY, Aladdin,

Steptoe, Javaka, The Jones Family Express, NY, Lee
& Low, 2003

Steptoe, John, Stevie, NY, Harper Collins,

Tarpley, Natasha and Lewis, E. B., Bippity Bop Barbershop, NY, Little
Brown, 2009

Winans, Carvin and Harrington, Leslie, Conrad Saves Pinger Park, NJ,
Marimba Books, 2010

Ages 9-12
CLE, Troy, The Marvelous Effect, NY, Simon& Schuster, 2008

Curtis, Christopher Paul, The Watsons Go To Birmingham –1963, NY, Laurel Leaf, 2000

Elliott, Zetta and Strickland, Shadra, Bird,NY, Lee & Low, 2008

Ferguson, Dwayne, Kid Caramel: The Case of the Missing Ankh, NY, Just Us Books, 1997

Haskins, James, Freedom Rides, Journey to Justice, NJ, Sankofa Books, an imprint of Just Us Books, 2005

Medina, Tony and Watson, Jesse J., I and I: Bob Marley, NY, Lee & Low, 2009

Nelson, Kadir, We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball, NY,
Jump at the Sun, 2008

Tyree, Omar, 12 Brown Boys, NJ, Just Us Books, 2008

Walters, Mildred Pitts, Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World, NY,
Amistad, Reprint Edition, 2010

Woodson, Jacqueline, Locomotion, NY, Speak, a Puffin Imprint (PB), 2010

Curtis, Christopher Paul, Bucking the Sarge,NY, Laurel Leaf, 2003

Draper, Sharon, Forged by Fire, NY, Simon-Pulse, 1998

Draper, Sharon, Tears of a Tiger, NY Simon-Pulse, 1996

Lester, Julius, Guardian, NY, Amistad, 2008

McDonald, Janet, Brotherhood, NY Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2002

Myers, Walter Dean, Handbook for Boys, NY, Amistad, 2003

Myers, Walter Dean, Slam, NY, Scholastic Paperback, 2008

Nerie, G, Ghetto Cowboy, MA, Candlewick, 2011

Woodson, Jacqueline, Behind You, NY, Puffin, Reprint Edition, 2010

Yep, Lawrence, The Star Maker, NY, Harper Collins, 2010

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