Friday, May 6, 2011

AUTHOR Veronica Freeman Ellis

Veronica Freeman Ellis is the author of Land of the Four Winds and AFRO-BETS First Book about Africa, both published by Just Us Books. She is a contributor to Book of Black Heroes: Great Women In the Struggle also published by Just Us Books. Veronica has been a textbook editor and has taught writing at Boston University and children's literature at Wheelock College in Boston. She has also been a consultant/instructor for the Davis Educational Foundation's Children's Literature In-Service Program. Her other published titles include Unlucky Randy, The Glow from Lighthouse Cove and The Gardner.

ALSO: Ms. Ellis is available for signings, workshops, presentations, panels. Her areas of expertise include multicultural children's literature, classroom strategies for using children's literature and writing workshops for grades 4-12. E-mail her at
Book of Black Heroes
Great Women in the Struggle

Land of the Four Winds

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